Prospecting? Sort The M&Ms!

Improve Your Prospecting, Sort The M&Ms

If you’re a network marketer prospecting is your lifeblood.  No prospects, no money.  When you do have a list, there’s always some sorting that is accomplished through the questions you ask and the answers you receive.  This sorting is like trying to find a certain color M&M in a whole bag.

It’s all about the numbers, right?  The more people you expose your company or program information to, the more likely you’re able to find a few to work with.  Using our M&M simile, each color represents a type of person and their openness and drive to work the business.  Not everyone is going have the interest to join you, i.e. not everyone is a green M&M if we use green as the color to represent the ideal prospect.

Here’s the truth about prospecting:

1.  Don’t prejudge anyone!  I’m sure you’ve heard story about how a maid or waiter/tress was approached and now is a millionaire in the network marketing business.  No other industry can accomplish these types of success stories.  This is a green M&M.

2. Not everyone will join you. Not everyone is a green M&M.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s not about the company or product as it is about YOU!  You have to be that green M&M too.  People don’t join or leave companies, they leave people.  Want more people to join you, work on you the most and become a leader that people want to follow.

3. Get people to the information.  You shouldn’t launch into a presentation.  Talk to them just enough to check openness, then get them to a recorded webinar, presentation or tool.  Book a follow-up.  Let the tools and system work for you.

Prospecting is a process.  Use your training through your company to reach out to as many people as you can; Facebook, Craigslist, local Meetups, yard signs, call other small business, etc.  Sort the M&M and the green ones will be there.

Rik Lepine

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